About R.S. Horus Tours

R. S. Horus Tours is an American company owned and managed by Dr. Richard Strick. Our Company is one of the few American companies listed on the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism website. Our company specializes in tours at a very reasonable cost. We specialize in private or group tours that are in most cases cheaper than other companies. On our private tour you are in charge. You are not the slave of a bus schedule. You decide how long you want to stay at a site. The tour price on the website is for a private tour. A group tour of 10 or more is even less. We are able to offer these prices because of our small overhead. Our company is affiliated with Skyline Tours in Cairo, Egypt, Sisan Tours in, Istanbul, Turkey, O. S. Tours and Travel in Jerusalem, Israel and Travelers International in, Amann, Jordan. We have been in business for over twenty years.

Reference Letters


Hello Richard,

Good to hear from you! Our vacation was UNBELIEVABLE, we took over 2000 pictures of the the places we visited and I am still sorting through them!

Our tour guides were amazing. Mustafa in Cairo was fun and very smart, kept us away from locals out to make a quick buck and gave us so much background and history. We loved the camel ride and the service we had in Egypt was beyond comparison. Nowhere in our lives have we enjoyed such hospitality!

In Luxor, our tour guide Khalid was far and away the best tour guide we have ever had, he gave us such a wealth of knowledge, and was able to incorporate the myths and legends of the gods and goddesses, pharoahs and queens into his explanations of the archeology and architecture that we saw and felt. It was truly unbelievable. We also far and away enjoyed Luxor more than Cairo. Though Cairo and the pyramids were impressive, The pastoral surroundings of Luxor seduced our senses and the ancient sites there were beyond comprehension.

In Greece, we fell in love with Nick of Vanas Travel. Nick spent most of our time in Greece with us, escorting us to the various sites and staying in the same hotels. We became friends and still communicate now and we hope to see him soon. We had incredible tour guides and saw the most scenic landscapes while in Greece. I personally loved the ancient city of Corinth the very best, I felt a connection to the place.

In Jordan, the Ancient City of Petra was beyond comparison, I cannot tell you how breathtaking it all was. The desert landscape of Jordan was unreal in its arrid beauty. It compared to the southwest United States in some ways and the Grand Canyan. We were very impressed.

I would love to make this trip again in the future, we will never forget it. Our heartfelt thanks to you and your entire staff for a remarkable and surreal experience!

Joseph & Karen Parisi


Dr. Strick,

Wow! Our vacation was fantastic! We can't wait to go back! Egypt was beautiful and everyone was so nice. I can't believe there were only 3 of us with our group. Susanne and I expected a huge gathering but when we got to the airport in Cairo and met only Carol Reed as our traveling companion we were surprised. Were there supposed to be other people?It worked out great since we both got along with Carol and so it felt like we had a private tour. The reps and tourguides from Skyline were very nice and fun to be with. Wael our first guide was terrific and we relied on him a lot. When he dropped us off for our cruise and said goodbye we were a bit lost but then our next guide Ahmed showed up and put us at ease. He was great! Ahmed showed us so much plus he filled us in on typical Egyptian culture not just the antiquities. I feel like he went out of his way to show us more than we normally would see.

The hotels were very nice and the food was great. The cruise was amazing! I cant believe how nice our cabin was. We really had no problems even with security. There were surprises around every corner.We had a great time and I will be bragging about this tour to all my friends. Thanks so much for organizing us such a memorable tour.


Anna falcone
Atlanta, Ga.


I wanted to thank you for your assistance on my recent tour of Egypt. It was truly everything that my daughter and I had hoped. The guides were thorough, knowledgeable, patient and friendly. Everyone we connected with in Egypt treated us well. They are warm, hospitable people and the experience was life affirming.

I have recommended your tours to some friends and would like to provide them with your contact information if you would not object.

Again, thank you so much.

Ed Furnas


Dear Dr. Strick.

We have been back from the Mid East almost two weeks. Sorry we have not communicated earlier just to say thank you for all your work and for arranging such an incredible trip. We left Beirut about 3 weeks before the bombing started and are devistated by the tragedy of destruction going on in that gem of a country. Our time in Egypt was spectacular. We were cared for with attentiveness and open hearts. Mohamed met us at the air port for each of our many flights and made sure we were in the right place for our departures. We looked forward to seeing his smiling face as we returned to Cairo and to the efficiency he showed getting us through the many contingencies of customs, check-ins and check-outs. Egypt Air was quite good, on time and gave us food and drink. Our hotels were excellent. The InterContinental in Heliopolis was a bit out of the way, but beautiful, comfortable, next to a huge shopping center and convient to the airport.

What can we say about Wael except he definitely is THE BEST TOUR GUIDE IN EGYPT! He led us throughout our time in Egypt. He was personable, open hearted, kind, generous, knowledgeable, a great teacher and fun to be with. Both Wael and Mohamed exhibited the sense of humor the Arabs are known for. We had such a great time with them. They went out of their way to be sure we did and saw what we wanted. Wael helped us do our best for the economy of Egypt with spectacular results. Wael started our tour with a discussion and exhibit of Egyptian money. We found it very helpful and did not often give 50 EL when we meant 50 piasteres.

Our first day in Egypt, we went to the Egyptian Museum and then to Giza for lunch at the Sphinx Restaurant in front of the Pyramids and Sphinx--What a treat and grand way to start a visit to Egypt. I would highly recommend it. We had many long drives and Artif, our driver, was incredible. The traffic in Egypt, while not as bad as in Lebanon, still required concentration and skill. Artif was able to drive so Nancy and I were not catching our breaths or air braking at every car coming at us or by us. Artif was such a gentleman. He was kind, courteous and thoughtful. Asharf, our driver in Luxor, was similar. We enjoyed being with him and his sense of humor.

The Nile Cruise was on the Adonis, a new ship. Our room was on the starboard side on the second floor. Our side of the ship was often open to the river when we docked and we enjoyed the views and the sunsets. Because of the heat and lack of breeze, we spent a great deal of time in our air conditioned room gazing out the window. It felt like we were skimming along on the water with spectacular views. The food was good and the crew, at Wael's request, gave us fuol for breakfast--one of my favorite foods. The ship itself was clean, comfortable, and modern. The crew responded quickly to our requests and the time of the river was very relaxing and rich.

Our favorite hotel was the Old Cataract in Aswan. It had the ambiance of an exotic queen. The views from the veranda, where we ate and watched were spectacular--the Nile, Elephantine Island, Feluccas. We sat there and watched the sunsets and knew we were not in Kansas any more. In the Old Cataract and Winter Palace they made ice from Mineral Water and it was sure nice to have a really cold drink. We were disappointed in the Winter Palace which seemed pale and faded compared to the Old Cataract. The rooms in both Hotels were very nice and the bathrooms had been recently remodeled. We did not spend a great deal of time in our rooms and I would not be so adamant about Nile views next time. In the Old Cataract, we were given a small room to relax in awaiting our flight to Luxor after we checked out--so very kind.

We enjoyed the food. When we arrived we were very tentative about what to eat and at the Sphinx Restaurant only picked at the food. We returned to the Sphinx Restaurant at the end of our trip and our plates were piled high. Wael took us to many fine restaurants all over Egypt. One of our favorites was at the Nubian Village at Aswan. Nancy was not feeling the best, but I think I actually ate more than Wael it was so delicious.

Goodness, we could go on for pages. The weather, while hot, was not as hot as I had imagined it. Only in Abu Simbul was it hot enough to be uncomfortable. The one sour note in the whole adventure was our arrival in Amman, Jordan. The tour guide was waiting for us, but he did not introduce himself, hurried us along as if he had something else to do, and got out of the car half way to the hotel. If we had not had Mohamed and Wael as contrast, we might not have thought much of it. Jordan was very interesting and our guide, Khaled Zewikat, was knowledgeable. He was a bit reserved with us at first, but Nancy won him over and we had a good time. Petra was more incredible than we imagined. The hotel we stayed in outside Petra, Taybet Zamen, was a treasure. It was modelled after an old Jordanian village. The food and views were excellent and the people at the hotel enjoyed our feeble attempts at Arabic. We would highly recommend it.

Again, thank you for arranging this dream trip for us. If you need recommendations for your company, Wael or Mohamed we would be happy to give them.

Sincerely and in Gratitude,
Elizabeth and Nancy Nelson