Egypt Nile Valley Tour Considerations

Travel information - Nile Valley:

The Nile flows north from Sudan to Cairo where it divides into the delta region and empties into the Mediterranean Sea. The major destinations in the Nile Valley are Cairo in north, Luxor, Aswan, and Abu-Simbel in the south. All of these are accessible by plane, train, or car with the exception of Abu-Simbel which can be reached only by plane or car. Other destinations are Menya between Luxor and Cairo. Menya is accessible only by private car and escort.

Between Cairo, Luxor and Aswan there are many daily flights, and two trains daily. Abu Simbel also has the option of plane or car.

Major distances between sites in the Nile Valley (km / mi):

Travel information - Western Desert:

The Western Desert of Egypt is part of the great Sahara, and is a large area. To travel in this area you need a truly professional tour. Still one can go here from Oasis to Oasis by desert roads. You can reach Siwa Oasis from Cairo, by way of Alexandria from Siwa you can go to Baharia Oasis, to tour the museum of the Golden Mummies. For a real desert tour visit all the four main oases Baharia, Farafra, Dakhla and Kharga via the desert road from Cairo to Luxor.

Major distances in the Western Desert (km / mi):

Travel information - Red Sea:

For a real delight visit the Egyptian Red Sea. On the south Sinai coast the magnificent resorts of Sharm el Sheikh, Dahab, and Taba. On the shores of the Eastern Desert the beautiful pristine waters of Hurghada and Safaga beckon. All of these resorts can easily be reached by several daily flights from Cairo or by car or bus. It takes about five hours to drive from Cairo to either Sharm or Hurghada. if you want to combine a Red sea vacation with a tour of Luxor, Aswan, the resorts of Hurghada are the easiest to reach. The distance from Luxor to Hurghada takes about three hours to drive. To reach Sharm El Shiek you can fly from Luxor in about one hour.