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R.S. Horus Tours is an American company owned and managed by Dr. Richard Strick. Our company is listed on the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism website. Our company is affiliated with Skyline Tours in Cairo, Egypt, Vanas Tours in Athens, Greece, Sisan Tours in Istanbul Turkey, and Travelers International in Amann, Jordan. We have been in business for over twenty years. On our tours of Egypt you do more, see more and go to places few tourists ever see. Our motto is WE ARE NEVER IN A HURRY. We are specialists in Egypt tours and Egypt travel. Our unusual tours of Egypt are more comprehensive and affordable than others because we are a small company. Our excursions are comprehensive, slow paced and relaxing. We are never in a hurry. Go inside the Great Pyramid. Explore the tombs of the workers in aneicnet Egypt, Travel to Armana, the city built by the heretic Pharoah Akenhaten. Explore the pyramids at Dashur and enter the first true pyramid built in Egypt. Most other companies never go to these sites, but with us you will.

Explore the Museum. Visit gallery after gallery of treasures from ancient Egypt. Tour the treasures of King Tut. Visit the mummy room where the 18th and 19th dynasty pharaohs rest. Take your time in Egypt. Tour Memphis, the ancient capital of this land. Behold Sakkara, where we explore the Step Pyramid, the Pyramid of Unus, with its great secret, the tombs of the nobles and the 1st and 2nd dynasty tombs of the earliest pharaohs. Most companies do only the Step Pyramid! Visit Luxor, not the Las Vegas casino but the site it was named after in Egypt. Tours will take you through the valley of the Kings, Queens, the Temple of Hatshepsut, Tombs of the nobles, and the strangest tomb, the tomb of Ramose. Much of which most tourists never see. On some excursions we explore nine out of the twelve tombs in the Valley of the Kings. Most companies do three. If you wish to explore the remaining we will make arrangements for you to do so. If possible, we will open the Tomb of Seti l, the most magnificent tomb in the Valley. It can be opened on occasion. Explore the Temples of Karnak and Luxor. Both among the finest example of New Kingdom architecture. You will wonder how they ever built these. Explore temples of Ramesses the Great. Sail along the great river in the luxury of a cruise ship.

Visit Alexandria, Khan-El-Khalili Bazaar, built in the 14th century. Everything is for sale. Vacation at the Red Sea, Visit Saint Catherine's Monastery, often called the undiscovered jewel of travel, and Mount Sinai. Our company also, goes to Petra in Jordan. Once a great commercial city of the ancient world it was abandoned and rediscovered in the 19th century. Today it is Jordan's major tourist attraction. It was the “lost city“ in the Indiana Jones movie, “The Last Crusade“ . Because we are a small company, our unusual tours of Egypt are able to be more comprehensive and affordable than others. Our slow paced excursions are comprehensive and relaxing. Again, as our motto says, "We are never in a hurry". Whichever of our tours you might select, be it a 4 day Cairo stopover, to our ultimate excursion, our main concern is to make the trip the trip of a lifetime. A trip you will talk about for years with your family and friends. We guarantee your satisfaction and will supply references by people who have taken our Egypt tours. Learn more here.